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Security features of banknote of denomination 100 Som


1. Individual size of the banknotes  

2. Watermark - the portrait and the digital value seen through against light.  

3. Security thread. Numbers of the value are seen against the light.  

4. See through register - superposed fragments on the obverse and reverse of the banknotes.  

5. Metallic paint. The image of the value is executed in metallized paint.  

6. Foil on 100 and 200 som banknote, while the hologram - on 200, 500, and 1000-som banknotes.  

7. Relief of the image in the area of the portrait and inscriptions on the obverse of the banknotes.  

8. Serial number. Vertical number is printed in novelty style (row of numbers growing in size).  

9. Relief marks in the form of the geometrical figures and stroke codes allow the weak eyesight people to see the value of the banknotes.  

10. Latent image of the digital value.  

11. Strip code.  

12. Microlettering.  

13. Iridescent paint.  

14. Security net - thin lines form a cellular system that couldn't be counterfeited.  

15. Year of issue.