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Guest Lectures for University Students and Special Lectures on Financial Literacy in Honor of the 30th Anniversary since the Adoption of the National Currency of the Kyrgyz Republic  


Within the framework of events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the national currency, guest lectures for university students and special lectures on financial literacy for students of educational institutions will be organized. 

It is planned that during the guest lectures, representatives of the National Bank will tell students about the role and functions of the country's central bank, monetary policy, achieving price stability, activities in the field of supervision of banks and non-bank financial and credit organizations, the functioning of the banking and payment system of the country, protection of the rights of consumers of financial services, etc. 

The program of a special lecture on financial literacy, prepared on the basis of a unified course on financial literacy, includes such aspects as the family budget, financial planning, understanding the goals and benefits of savings, as well as the five principles of a financially literate person. 

The lecture participants will also be offered an excursion to the numismatic Museum of the National Bank.