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Commonwealth of Independent States 

As part of the membership of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Commonwealth of Independent States, the National Bank, in cooperation with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, is working on economic and financial cooperation. 

Currently, work is done on the following issues:  

- concept for further development of the CIS countries and the plan of basic measures for implementation thereof. 

- strategy for the CIS economic development for the period up to 2030. 

- services free trade agreement, agreement on establishment, operation and investment of the CIS member states. 

- participation in the annual comparison of data provided by the CIS member states on banking regulation and supervision. 





Interstate Bank 

The Interstate Bank (IGB) was established in 1993 in accordance with the Agreement on the unified monetary system and coordinated monetary and foreign exchange policy of the states that still used the ruble as a legal tender, and the Decisions of the Council of Heads of States and the Council of Heads of Governments of the Commonwealth of Independent States adopted in Bishkek on October 9, 1992. The Kyrgyz Republic became a full member of the ISB in 1994.  

The objective of the ISB activity is as follows: 

- promoting economic integration and development of the national economies of the CIS countries through the settlement mechanism to make cross-border payments in the national currencies;  

- crediting of foreign trade operations of the Commonwealth countries in the national currencies;  

- participation in implementation of the projects of interstate importance.