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On the Bank  

Organizational structure NBKR 

According to the Law “On the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic”, the corporate objective of the Bank of Kyrgyzstan is to achieve and maintain stability of prices by means of implementing the appropriate monetary policy. The corporate objective of the Bank of Kyrgyzstan determines its primary tasks and functions. Fulfillment of functions and the responsibility are distributed between departments of the NBKR, which in the aggregate represent its  organizational structure.


The organizational structure of the NBKR is formed based on two main principles: 

- The principle of validity of the functional structure;  

- The principle of continuous development and improvement.  

The principle of validity means that all of the isolated departments and divisions should bear a functional load directly connected with this or that NBKRs function and promote achievement of its goals. 

The principle of continuous development and improvement speaks for the fact that the current structure of the NBKR is not static, it changes and will change depending on change in its primary tasks, development priorities, economic transformations and reforms implemented in the state. 


Under the current conditions and proceeding from the needs of the economy, the following organizational structure is formed in the NBKR: 

Economic Department

Monetary Operations Department

Financial Statistics and Review Department

Cash Management Department

External Oversight Department

Inspection Department

Supervision Methodology and Licensing Department

Accounting and Reporting Department

Payment Systems Department

Bank Settlements Department

Department of Banking Automation


It should be noted that the NBKR represents the organization acting in three forms simultaneously: as the bank of the state, as the bank of banks and as just an enterprise in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Besides the functional departments, the NBKR has the departments, whose activity is directly aimed at maintaining the NBKRs uninterrupted and more effective work as an economic agent as a whole in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Such departments cover: 

Documentation Management and Communications Department

Administration and Logistics Department

Security and Information Security Department

Economic Research Centre

International Cooperation Department

Board Secretariat

Legal Department

Internal Audit Service

Personnel Division

Risk Control Division

Project Implementation Unit


Capital Construction Department

Educational Recreation Centre (recreation centre "Tolkun")